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Match your face?

A couple years back, we shared this image poster in one of our earlier FB posts. When a couple of friends shared it on other pages, it surprised us that it had garnered a lot of reactions from other FB users.

Why was it funny?

Because when the Malay phrase padan muka awak was translated word for word to read as match your face in English, it sounds downright hilarious. 😆

What in the world does match your face means in English anyway?

The closest that we can think of is that it probably means: light your face up with fire

Do you agree? No?

Regardless, we think padan muka awak is nowhere even close in meaning to match your face.

I English, the closest translation to it is serve you right.

Now, try to literally translate that to Malay and you'll have:

serve you right = layan awak betul

How about that?

Now you know, it's not as easy to translate if you don't know the nuance and cultural background behind a language. Relying solely on a Malay-English-Malay dictionary doesn't cut it…

Lost In Translation

Message lost in translations?

Whether the translation is from English to Malay or vice versa, a lot of confusion may ensue if we are not careful about the context of the source copy.

That explains why for the most part before embarking on any translation work, you have to get acquainted with the text from the source copy. 

Once you have familiarized yourself with the terms or words used, you will find it easier to translate them according to the original message more accurately.

Getting the translated copy to convey exactly the right message as communicated by the text in its original language is very important.

Avoid literal translation or word by word translation. 

Oh no, that would draw laughter if you’re not careful. Sometimes it may sound close to obscene.

Remember the time during Barack Obama's visit to Malaysia, an electronic signboard was put up to read "Welcome to the President of USA Barack Obama" which was a literal translation of "Selamat Datang kepada Presiden…